Thursday, 13 March 2008

kylie's sister

as you know i tallked about kylie, she has a sister.she is one of the people in the of the songs,they sang it to gether(danny is kylie's sister).danny is something like 21 years old and kylie is like 35 years old.and they are team.


Anonymous said...

she is pretty

mousy said...

Thank you for news.

karla said...

Happy new year .I would like to wish you a very happy days on your new year .

spy said...

and happy new year.

Hossein said...

I appretiate for the comment you put in my weblog.
Don't worry about discussion we had last night.
they were just my suggestions.
You know what is more useful...

tina said...

Hi Simin

Happy New Year!!

Have anice time


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