Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Narnia is a film and it is very cool.My dad bought a Narnia film(the old one which is we havent see).You can see the website click .In Narnia there is 4 people in it and a lion and a wich.The wich is the bad guy and the lion is the good guy.Then the end of it the wich die.


Hossein said...

I liked the story as well, We have to watch the movie together again, I haven't seen it.
We have to go to the cinema for its new version as well.
Do you remember, we used to read its story every night ?

spy said...

hi simin
happy birthday to you.
wanted me to send you this letter to remind you what a SPECIAL day your birthday is. Since the day you were born 12 years ago, you have made everyone in your life very happy!

Dady said...

Happy Birthday Simin
You are 10 now , and 10 years and one day , a day after :))

Mahsa said...

Happy birthday dear simin
we all hope the best for you.
let me write Farsi :)
simin jan,
omidvaram hamishe shad bashi.
va harche zoodtar biyay Iran ta ma dobare bebinimet.

amme Mahboobe,amoo Majid,Mahsa &Mohammad.

mahsa said...

happy birthday Simin joon

tina said...

134965321Happy Birthday Simin !!!

Best Wishes For You !!!!
Good Luck

Simin said...

Than you!!!

Anonymous said...

narnia isn't a film!!!it's a book. and the film is made after the book was there! you have to read it!

dady said...

She already has read the books (because there are 2 series..) and we watched the movie as well.