Sunday, 9 March 2008

Leona Lewis seeking world domination

LONDON (Billboard) - Talent show winner Leona Lewis' fast track to global stardom will not detour for a full-scale live outing until after a second album is wrapped next year.
The pop star's rise has been nothing short of a phenomenon, where her debut album, "Spirit", has sold more than 1.6 million copies in just 14 weeks.
"We have absolutely no plans for her to tour until 2010," Lewis' manager, Richard Griffiths, tells "We're going to make ('Spirit') the biggest record in the world, then we'll make another record in 2009.
i cpoy this some were


Fiona said...

Is the 'Sprit' album the one including 'Bleeding Love' ?
Or it is another album?

tina said...

hi Simin
there is more interesting topics,isnt it?
for example : about your school & friends,....
Good Luck

leon said...

Would you mind write about yourself and your activities ?