Monday, 14 April 2008


Barnyard is a good film.i saw it.It was so cool and i liked it.I can talk about it...

There was a cow name Estow and he had a dad name Ben.Estow's dad was the captin of the village.Then Ben has been killed.Then his son was the captin.One they he saw the bad guy (wolf) who killed his dad.Then he with his friends killed the wolf group who they killed his father.
I hope you liked it.


nooshin said...

Two days ago I saw it and I enjoyed alot .

Hossein said...

It was nice.
The Bee Movie and ratatoo were good as well.

tina said...

Hi Simin
How are you ?
Whats up ?
did you have a good time in Iran ?

your Up is so interesting

good luck

dad said...

What cartoon are we watching tonight ? :)))

spy said...

simin that was my friend recommendation for you.
I didnt see it yet.
but Ratatouille I saw was amazing.

parisa parvaneh said...

dont watch action film!!! !my dear!

Micheal said...

Hi Simin
Where is your movie maker ?
I would like to see it again .

Simin said...

micheal my movie is in my blog.
then you can see it.