Saturday, 3 May 2008

pink panther

i made a pink panther animation.I put my photo in the end of it and I think is funny and COOL!!! If you want to watch click here

I bought a pink panther toy as well.It is big and cool.I hope you enjoyed movie.


spy said...


Noosha said...

Well done Simin .
I saw it and I enjoyed .
Thank you .

Anonymous said...

dalam dalam
dalam dalam dalam dalam dalam dalam dalaaaam dalalalam

spy said...

thanks for your comment simin.
I mean your video is cool.

Invite said...

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پریسا در دریای خوشبختی said...

hiiiiiii dear simin
its very nice
congradulation///kiss u

mahsa Melody's mum said...

Lovely Simin Well done .
it's amazing that you can make some animation i'm sure dady and mumy are so proud of you.lots of love
Melody's mum