Thursday, 21 February 2008

Leon Jackson

Leon is one of the X factor winners. I like leon song but not as much as Leona Lewis. Leon sang the when you belive. It was good and it is good for my mum. He was sosososo happy when he won the X factor. I think you can have a very good time.


daisy said...

I like Leon because his voice is fantastic . Is n't it ?

Hossein said...

As I know your mum wished for Redyan to win.
But now, when I hear the Miracle music of him , I like him as well.
I think because we where Redyan's fancy , on that period , we liked her and we didn't care about Leon.

nooshin said...

Well done . Your are a perfect girl .

SPY said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh what a good song and singer

tina said...

Hi Simin . How are you? your web is so interesting .
I want to know more about X factor

thanx. Good luck

Anonymous said...

what is x factor Simin?
Can you discrib it more ?
is it something just in your country or ...?