Thursday, 7 February 2008

leona lewis.US.

you now i tallked about leona lewis as i now leona lewis went to US to sing, same as bleeding love. i poot the leona lewis there, you can see her. she sang it few days ago. her CD are in sale in US now, they buying it. you can see the song of the bleeding love here.


nooshin said...

That's enough about Leona.

wolf said...

congratulation about your weblog.
I never heard about you favorite singer Leona.
your post solicit me to download a music of her ;)

Austin said...

Hey Simin. Your dad told me about your blog - so I thought I'd check it out. I'm a now also a big fan of Leona, because of you- she's wicked!

My mum and dad's cats say hi :-)

dady said...

Simin , I really enjoyed this journey with you to Paris. You are my lovely daughter