Monday, 25 February 2008

What is X Factor?

In the X facter where the people perform singing, there are four people (judges) to tell who can go to the next round.But some people can't go to the next round.In the final round(there are 3 peoples) they have to sing two different songs.Then the people who are watchinng T.V at home will vote them by mobile text. Then one of the people who has less votes will leave the competition.Then the tow remain peoples need to sing once more.And again peaple vote them.

The winner will be famous and people will buy his CDs.Last year Leona Lewis won the competition and this year Leon Jackson won.It was its fourth series of X-Factor in ITV channel.


tina said...

thanx so much
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Anonymous said...

when they will show this competition

sara.sabz said...

Hi Simin,I read your web,it was really great,well done honey.
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Nooshin said...

Hi you found a lot of friends . Congradulation .

SPY said...

hi simin, very good explaination of x-factor.

mahsa said...

hi lovely simin you've got a really nice weblog and you choose a good subject, i love you know that i'm fan of leona lewis and xfactor either?????take care and keep going

Fiona said...

Just I wanted to know what are the persons in the right photo.
Are they related to X-Facor?

Simin said...