Monday, 4 February 2008

thomaco, white lion.


he is a lion. his body is white. he has a wings. he is so big and he can run very fast like a car. he is a kind lion. on at night thomaco was hungry. his food was an a shark. he sow a ded shark. who kiled the sharkes? said the lion. in far away he sow a lion , same as he been. he just like me! said the lion. why you killed the sharks? he asked . i like to kill the sharks. the other lion said. i am robat. you cant cach me! the robat lion run very fast like thomaco. the robat lion got the lion but thomaco was to heavy. thomaco got his head and smashed him. soon he got his shark and coocked him foe diner. the end.


NOOSHIN said...

I like your story . I read alot and i enjoyed .Lovely girl

Anonymous said...

i love u sweety girl

Anonymous said...

hi simin
i love your story and it gave me goose bups when it got to te end. such a lovely story.
love your cousine sara and your auntie shaida